Midea Group Background

Established in 1968, Midea Group is a comprehensive and modern business conglomeration engaged mainly in household appliances. The group is also one of the largest manufacturing and exportation bases of electric appliances in China.

Midea Group currently has 110,000 employees, with a dozen brands including Midea and Welling. Apart from its headquarters in Shunde (Guangdong Province), the Midea Group also has ten major production bases in China covering a total area of seven million square meters. Midea’s marketing network covers all of China, with branches in the United States, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Europe and Dubai.

Major products by Midea Group include household and commercial air-conditioners, large central air-conditioners, nearly all consumer white goods, as well as related products such as compressors, motors, magnetrons, transformers, and enamelled wires. Midea Group have the largest and most comprehensive industrial chain of air-conditioners and microwave ovens in China, in addition to the greatest and most integral industry cluster of small household and kitchen appliances

Midea Air Conditioning

Midea has been a world leader in Air Conditioners since its establishment in 1985 and has been exporting Air Conditioners for the last 19 years and has now firmly established its footprint worldwide and developed strong partnerships with Multinationals

Midea’s vertically integrated supply chain enables it to achieve maximum efficiency in production and product development, giving Midea a competitive edge over other brands.

With over 1000 engineers working round the clock and over 300 new products being developed and over 100 patents filed, Midea is dedicated to continuously improve product quality and excel customer satisfaction. New products account for 30% of total sales volume and 35% of gross profit.

Midea Air Conditioning Brand Positioning in the Australian Market

The 2012-2013 Air conditioning season is just ahead and despite recent lower than anticipated sales in both Queensland and NSW markets in 2011, all indications point to a good season ahead. Inverter sales continue to increase as consumers opt for more energy friendly units but even fixed speed units have had to up their game with the latest government initiated Minimum Energy Performance Standards. (M.E.P.S) Sales of fixed speed split air conditioners and also Window wall air conditioners will still contribute substantial numbers to the overall air conditioning market. Air Conditioning units have never been as affordable as they are now but consumers must resist the temptation to skimp on their installation outlay just because the air conditioner costs them less. A good tradesman doing a good job is worth the extra money invested and manufacturers may limit the warranty provided if units are not installed by tradesmen with the relevant State licenses to install split air conditioners.

Castel Electronics, for over 20 years has been a long serving Australian electrical wholesaler distributing the Midea range (pronounced My-Dea) of air conditioners comprising window wall units in cooling only and reverse cycle, fixed speed splits and DC inverter split units. DC inverters are the most energy efficient and also offer the most even temperature control. A full range of capacities is on offer from 2.15kw small bedroom size units up to 7.6kw open plan models. The Midea line up also incorporates a range of cooling only and cool/heat portables for the situations where consumers are unable or unwilling to have an air conditioner installed. Castel has introduced a range of Midea ducted product,MultiHead and VRF models for those resellers with the necessary skill set for this category.

Midea is a very well respected manufacturer of air conditioning units and currently is the world’s largest producer. Midea have for many years manufactured product for a number of multi national companies but are keen to also establish their own brand in the Australian market place through their partnership with Castel Electronics.

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